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Smoked Fowl

Moulard ducks, specially bred to produce fois gras, are prized for their large breasts that are typically seared and served rare. Popular in traditional French and Chinese cuisine, smoked duck is usually found in higher end restaurants and is considered a delicacy. Smoked duck has remarkable depth of flavor and is both versatile and easy to combine with simple ingredients for an outstanding entrée or side dish.

Sugartown smoked Specialties offers an award winning, flavorful smoked duck breast that is melt-in-your-mouth moist. Duck is a dark meat that cannot be compared to chicken in either taste or texture. Duck has a rich, distinctive flavor with a smooth, refined consistency as it dances along the tastebuds. Sugartown’s Smoked Duck is fully cooked and ready to eat making it the ideal time saving solution for gourmet meals; simply use the smoked duck in any recipe that calls for the fowl. We have found that our smoked duck goes best with luscious fruits such as oranges and berries but works equally well with savory options like rosemary and cinnamon.

For smoked duck inspiration, please visit our blog and browse our collection of smoked duck recipes featuring everything from delicious roast duck salad to simple fettuccini. To learn more about how to serve our exceptional smoke duck, pay a visit our blog - we also feature some of the best roast duck recipes available.